why support?

Why support?

Producing a high-end podcast is very time consuming and technical job. Research and writing scripts takes most of the time, while trying to interview people who are hundreds of miles away doesn’t make things easier either.

Editing, sound design is a never ending process, and at times hopeless because it’s like a painting; it’s never finished until you’re fully satisfied. So time is money, and I need money to give time to produce the show

So there are two ways to support- PATREON and PAYPAL

With Patreon, instead of donating big amount you will support with what you can (starting from $1) per month. A continuous support makes the production sustainable in the long run, and gives me a sense that I can invest my time and energy without worrying about paying hosting, webhosting and other technical expenditure.

But, if you do not want to commit to monthly support via Patreon, you can always support by donating one off through Paypal.